2000 - Coming Round throught Europe

After 2 Gigs in January the German/Austria/Switzerland tour startet. One Gig is with Die Toten Hosen for two Songs during their Set. The rest of the Tour were the usual smaller Venues. But many of the Gigs were full or at least sold out. After the tour there were some Festivals.

Tourdates 2002

Date Country City Venue Support Setlist Comment
29.06.2002 Czech Republic Valasského Mezirici Vallassky Spalicek Festival Yes
28.06.2002 Czech Republic Prague Modrá Vopice punk festival Yes
15.06.2002 Germany Meerbusch Rock am Turm Yes
03.06.2002 UK London Punk Aid Launch at S*M*E*R*S*H Yes
01.06.2002 UK Southwick The Barn Yes Glastonwick 2002 Festival
30.05.2002 UK London The Verge Yes
19.05.2002 Irland Dublin Vicar Street Yes Holidays in the Sun Festival
17.05.2002 Germany Berlin Kirche von unten Yes
16.05.2002 Germany Bremen Zakk Yes
15.05.2002 Germany Braunschweig Haifischbar Yes
14.05.2002 Germany Paderborn Limerick Yes
13.05.2002 Germany Hamburg Marquee Yes
12.05.2002 Germany Leverkusen Kulturzentrum Yes
10.05.2002 Germany Cologne Sonic Ballroom Yes
09.05.2002 Germany Duesseldorf Coffy No
08.05.2002 Germany Ratingen Lux Yes
05.05.2002 Germany Munich Substanz Yes
04.05.2002 Germany Stuttgart Roehre Yes
03.05.2002 Germany Frankfurt Elfer Yes
02.05.2002 Germany Karlsruhe Ex-Steffi Yes
01.05.2002 Germany Kassel Das Haus Yes
30.04.2002 Germany Mainz Hafeneck Yes
27.04.2002 Switzerland Schaffhausen Fass Yes
26.04.2002 Austria Dornbirn Vizmut Yes
25.04.2002 Switzerland Basel Parterre Yes
24.04.2002 Switzerland Winterthur Gaswerk Yes
23.04.2002 Switzerland St. Gallen Frohegg Yes
21.04.2002 Switzerland Aarau Bar Gossip Yes
20.04.2002 Switzerland Thun Cafè Mokka Yes
19.04.2002 Switzerland Zuerich Hallenstadion Yes
30.01.2002 UK Southwick The Schooner Yes
12.01.2002 Norway Oslo Kafè Tamara Yes