13.02.2003 - Ipswich, Steamboat Tavern


Titel With Comment
Not a Bad Day
No Time to be 21
Atlantic Tunnel
Not in my Name
Great British Mistake
Immortal Rich
My Place
One Million Pounds
Television's Over
I Surrender
The Day we caught the Big Fish
Tomahawk Cruise sequencer
My String will snap
Cast of Thousands
Carrying On
Expensive beeing Poor sequencer
Bored Teenagers
Gary Gilmore's Eyes
Generation Y
The World just got smaller again sequencer
Luxury in Exile sequencer
Runaway Train Driver sequencer
I will walk you Home
One Chord Wonders Encore
Lion and the Lamb sequencer Encore
Sugar Crash sequencer Encore
The Ghost of Westminster Encore, first appearance
Only one Flavor Encore
I know what you want Encore