Some Bands played Songs from the Adverts, some just Live, others released those Versions on their Albums and Singles.

Also its to much to list them seperatly so there are just Listings

Year Band Releasename Song Label Country Medium Releases Comment
01.01.1987 Paul Roland A Cabinet Of Curiosities Gary Gilmore's Eyes New Rose Records France CD, 12" 3
01.01.1989 Ripcordz Ripcordz Are Go! Gary Gilmore's Eyes OG Music Canada 12", CD 2
01.01.1991 Die Toten Hosen Learning English, Lesson One Gary Gilmore's Eyes Virgin / JKP Worldwide CD, Tape, 12" 32
01.01.1992 Haggis World Full Of Haggis One Chord Wonders Zentrun US 7" 1
01.01.1995 Paul Roland Live in Germany 1995 Gary Gilmore's Eyes Gaslight Records UK CD 1 From Bremen, Schlachthof 1995
01.01.1996 Paul Roland A Cabinet Of Curiosities / Happy Families Gary Gilmore's Eyes Gaslight Records UK CD 1
01.01.1996 To Live And Shave In L.A. Helen Butte Vs. Masonna Pussy Badsmell Television's Over Full Contact Records US CD 1
01.01.1997 Whatever... / Zoinks! Hit Europa No Time to be 21 Etichetta Punk Italy CD, 12" 2
01.01.1999 Special Duties Wish It Could Be 77 Gary Gilmore's Eyes Data Records UK 7" 1
01.01.2000 Rumps Necro Minority Safety in Numbers Oídos Sordos Spain 12" 1
01.01.2001 Zigauner Písničky O Štastí... A O Vojně... Gary Gilmore's Eyes Self Release Slovakia Tape 1 UK Subs, Endangered Species also on this
01.01.2001 The Minds Plastic Girls My Place Dirtnap Records US CD 1
01.01.2002 Die Toten Hosen Nur zu Besuch Runaway Train Driver JKP Germany CD 1
01.01.2004 Blind Pigs Blind Pigs Gary Gilmore's Eyes Sweet Fury Records Brazil CD, 10", Digital 3
01.09.2006 Jay Reatard Blood Visions We who Wait In the Red Recordings US CD, 12" 4
06.04.2007 Midnight Creeps Give The Night A Black Eye Love Songs Red Car Records US CD 1 They also played together with TV
01.01.2010 Hard Ons Too Much Music... Too Many Bands: Twenty Years Of Boss Tuneage Records One Chord Wonders Boss Tuneage Records UK 4xCD 1 Theres also Imagination from the Explorers on it
19.08.2011 The Valkyrians Punkrocksteady Gary Gilmore's Eyes Pork Pie Germany CD, 12" 3
07.02.2011 The Right Way To Make Noise Vol 2 "Girl Style" The Right Way To Make Noise Vol 2 "Girl Style" Gary Gilmore's Eyes MEKA France CD-R 1
28.12.2013 Simon Chainsaw CAFZIC Is (Still) Burning! - Punk Covers Gary Gilmore's Eyes CAFZIC France CD 1 Comes with a Fanzine
16.02.2015 Sick Hyenas Blood Visions By Retard Records & Friends We who Wait Retard Records France 12" 1
29.07.2019 DD Owen International Affairs No Time to be 21 Self Released UK Digital 1
22.11.2019 Die Toten Hosen Alles ohne Strom The Drink JKP Germany CD, LP, BluRay 4 Recorded at Düsseldorf, Tonhalle, 13 and 14 July 2019
01.01.2021 Die in Vain Desperate to Piss (Demo 21) Gary Gilmore's Eyes Self Released Turkey Tape, Digital 1
16.02.2023 Die in Vain Promo Tape '23 Gary Gilmore's Eyes Wargasm Records Turkey Tape 1