2003 - Back to Europe

After the USA Tour there was another long Tour planed, mostly together with the Garden Gang and some Sologigs all over Switzerland and Germany again. Two UK Gigs where also in the shedule.

Tourdates 2003

Date Country City Venue Support Setlist Comment
20.12.2003 Germany Stolberg The Savoy Yes
19.12.2003 Germany Düsseldorf Tor 3 Garden Gang, Die Parasiten, Male Yes Punk Xmas Festival
17.12.2003 Germany Bochum Wageni Garden Gang Yes
16.12.2003 Germany Frankfurt Backstage Garden Gang Yes
14.12.2003 Germany München Orangehouse Garden Gang Yes
13.12.2003 Germany Fürth Kunstkeller 027 Garden Gang Yes
12.12.2003 Germany Dresden The Church Garden Gang Yes
11.12.2003 Germany Chemnitz AJZ Kolonade Garden Gang Yes
10.12.2003 Germany Berlin Wild at Heart Garden Gang Yes
09.12.2003 Germany Oldenburg Charlys Garden Gang Yes
08.12.2003 Germany Hamburg Knust Garden Gang Yes
07.12.2003 Germany Kassel A.R.M. Garden Gang Yes
06.12.2003 Germany Grünberg bei Gießen Clou Garden Gang Yes
01.12.2003 UK London King's Head Yes
23.11.2003 Switzerland Muri Cafe Stern Yes
22.11.2003 Switzerland Thun Cafe Mokka Yes
21.11.2003 Switzerland Basel Hischeneck Yes
20.11.2003 Switzerland Rorschach Hafenbuffet Yes
19.11.2003 Switzerland Feuerthalen Kulturrestaurand Dolder 2 Yes
18.11.2003 Switzerland Winterthur Albani Yes
17.11.2003 Germany Konstanz Contrast Yes
16.11.2003 Switzerland Bern Club Notausgang Yes
15.11.2003 Germany Schopfheim Cafe Irrlicht Yes
14.11.2003 Switzerland Zürich Vollmond Taverne Yes
13.11.2003 Switzerland Aarau Kiff Yes
09.11.2003 UK Brighton Concorde 2 Yes
08.11.2003 Germany Duisburg Regattabahn No