19.09.2003 - Glasgow, DeathKill4000 @ Woodside Social Club


Titel With Comment
Only one Flavor
No Time to be 21
We Who Wait
Not in my Name
What If?
The Future used to be better
Generation Y
Safety in Numbers
Driver or Passenger
Great British Mistake
Bombsite Boy
Lion and the Lamb
New Church
Lord's Prayer
Immortal Rich
This Year, next Year...
My String will snap
Gary Gilmore's Eyes
Bored Teenagers
One Chord Wonders
Tomahawk Cruise Encore
Runaway Train Driver Encore

Review by Class Of 79:

 Let's be honest, Glasgow does have a reputation for being rough. When I saw the gig advertised I booked plane tickets without giving this a thought. Then Jock posted the following on the message board, "according to a friend who stays in Glasgow, that venue is a social club which CAN get quite rough at times, and a bit Naughty" and "last time I was in that area I got hassle from Junkies who demanded some cash". Was I scared? You bet I was! Then I find out the DJ who runs the night is called Evil Brian and the night is called Deathkill 4000! As the weeks went by it became obvious that I would be the only person from outside Glasgow attending the gig, this only added to my paranoia.

Anyway, I arrive at the venue and am immediately greeted by Evil Brian and his two colleagues. I am pleased to say they are anything but Evil, just 3 very friendly blokes, who are really looking forward to seeing TV perform.

The club soon fills up a bit. The crowd can be split into two clearly defined groups. There are the younger ones, who I assume attend Deathkill 4000 regularly, but probably know very little of TV and the older ones, my age, who are all TV fans. TV seems to know the older group well and I am introduced to them. Pretty soon the beer is flowing and stories of all our punk yesteryears are being exchanged. Believe me, they really were a smashing group of people and spending the evening with them was a pleasure.

TV eventually takes to the stage and entertains like only he can. He has no set list and most songs are sung after being requested by the audience. Lot's of old Adverts songs are sung to request; One Chord Wonders, Bored Teenagers, Gary Gilmore's Eyes, New Church, Safety In Numbers, Great British Mistake, Bombsite Boy, I Will Walk You Home, No Time To Be 21.

Come the end of the gig, the crowd was in a frenzy, there was dancing, singing, 2 stage 'invasions' by Gerry who was singing into the microphone with TV, cheering and shouting. The only bad thing was the night had to come to an end.

What a night! What great people! Would I do it all again? You bet I will!