Channel 5

The Channel 5, recorded after the Explorers Split Up was released on the small Expulsion Label, who went bankcrupt right after release. Just a few (around 2000) badly pressed LPs made it into the Shops, and no one bought them. There were Plans to release some Singles, the War Fever/Lies one was the only one who came out. There was a rerelease on CD later with Bonus Tracks, partly edited or rerecorded for the Singles. From Time to time one or two Songs made it into a Live Setlist. Mostly when People request those.

Line Up: 

Vocals, Guitar, Producer, Written-By: TV Smith

Keyboards, Producer: Tim Cross

Bass, Guitar, Producer: Tim Renwick

Anthony Thristlewaite: Sax (on Dominator)

Barbara Snow: Horn (on Dominator)

Producer, Engineer: Brown

Other Possible Singles would be:

On your Video, with the B-Side Cracking Up as Remix, called Cracking Dub

The Suit, with the B-Side Treasure, was planed before there were Plans of the Channel 5 Album. 

The "On your Video" Single was canceled days before release. Not sure if any of the pressed ones survived.

Line Up on the Bonus Tracks:

Treasure, On Your Video, New Ways are Best:

Vocals: TV Smith

Keyboards: Mel Wesson 

Guitar: Alan Murphy

Bass: Mike Shepherd

Drums: Tony Beard

Produced: Nick Tauber

The Suit:

Vocals: TV Smith

Keyboads: Tim Cross

Guitar: Steve Carroll

Bass: Micky Meuser

Drums: Frank Jermann


Same as on Channel 5, except

Drums: Chris Wyles

Comming Round, Woodpecker

Vocals: TV Smith

Keyboads: Tim Cross

Guitar: Tim Renwick

Produced: TV Smith, Tim Cross

Engineered by Tim Cross