Third Term

A Song about UK politics, made it onto an Sampler for the USA. Well here we go

Year Name Company Information Media Releases Other Bands
01.01.1990 Music View - Radio's Alternative Talk Show #87 & #88 Joseph Fox Communications For US College Radio Stations 12" Vinyl 1 Redd Kross, Joseph Fox, Vertigo
01.01.1987 Mindless Slaughter Recordiau Anhrefn Profits goes for "The Hunt saboteurs Association" Vinyl, Tape 3 TV Smith (Lies), Chumbawamba, Membranes
01.01.1989 A Pox Upon the Poll Tax Peasants Revolt UK Sampler Vinyl 1 Chumbawambam Against History, Dog Faces Hermans
01.01.1991 Pogo Post Fanzine Nr. 10 Pogo Post Fanzine German Sampler Tape 1 The Price, Attila the Stockbroker, Lustfinger