1981 - The Unwelcome Guest in Germany

Somehow the Explorers got a Tour in Germany. Unfortunatly the Album and Singles was not released in Germany, so absolutly no one knowed the Band. Some Gigs had maybe 30 Guests, a little few had maybe 700. After the Gig in Dortmund the Band ran out of Money and canceled the last Gigs of the Tour. This was the End of the Explorers.

Kaleidoscope released the last Single "Perfect Life" after the Split up, in October. 

Tourdates 1981 September

Date Country City Venue Support Setlist Comment
19.09.1981 Netherlands Amsterdam Unknown No Cancelled
18.09.1981 Germany Cologne Unknown No Cancelled
17.09.1981 Germany Duisburg Unknown No Cancelled
16.09.1981 Germany Dortmund Old Daddy No Explorers Last Gig
15.09.1981 Germany Berlin Kent Kino No
14.09.1981 Germany Bremen Aladin No
12.09.1981 Germany Osnadbrück Hyde Park No
11.09.1981 Germany Mannheim Milijo No
10.09.1981 Germany Würzburg Unknown No Explorers Only, TV was Sick
10.09.1981 Germany Darmstadt Unknown No Was Cancelled and replaced with Würzburg
09.09.1981 Germany Roth Mad Rock No
08.09.1981 Germany Stuttgart Boa No
07.09.1981 Germany Hof Alter Bahnhof Yes