2016 - Brennende Langeweile Bored Teenagers

The Movie "Bored Teenagers" is history, well the Movie is pretty much Trash, you can see "The Adverts beeing bored" a terrible "Teenager in Love" Story and the most important things. Real Life Footage of the Adverts in pretty good Quality. The Gigs was done for the Movie and recorded. Unfortunatly most of the footage seems to be lost.

3 Songs were completly in that Movie. 2 others only half, or there was Voiceover from the Actors in them.  

Love Songs

I Surrender

the 3 other Songs are on this 7"

Track Title Comment
1 Gary Gilmore's Eyes
2 Television's Over
3 Great British Mistake TV sings here "Great German Mistake"

Bored Teenagers