06.11.2002 - St. Albans, The Horn


Titel With Comment
Atlantic Tunnel
Great British Mistake
Not a bad Day
For every Hit there's a Miss
The Future used to be better
Immortal Rich
One Million Pounds
Soon as i found it i lost it
Your Ticket out of here Sequencer
Sugar Crash Sequencer
The Day we caught the big Fish
Only one Flavor
Gary Gilmore's Eyes
Bored Teenagers
Eurodisneyland tomorrow
Lion and the Lamb Sequencer
Runaway Train Driver Sequencer

Review by Mrs Fleagle

See also set of photos taken by Mrs Fleagle!


Tonight was the first night of the Fleagles second three nighter of 2002. TV’s  gigs are like buses nothing for ages then all at once. So off to the station  we go with Tomahawk Cruise running round my head, TJ had just phoned and his  name sparks memories of Ipswich and his interesting backing vocals to this track.

As expected the train is running 30 minutes late but hurrah so is the earlier  one and Fleagles and friend Alex are now in transit. As the train proceeds it  becomes the sardine special, but lucky us got on early in its journey and had  seats, apparently TV had not been so lucky. We arrive at St Albans consult the  map, that bears no resemblance to the scene in front of us and we head off in  search of The Horn, 3 minutes later we arrive. We just open the door and a familiar  voice comes from behind ‘You must have been on the same train as me!’  TV had arrived too. A right result for us, if we had met him at the station  we may have had to offer to carry his bag, just joking TV.

So in The Horn and TV is off for sound check, TV has a cunning plan if he can  get an earlier slot we can catch an earlier train home. Alas however one of  the other bands has to get the BUS back to Bedford so that plan was foiled.  First on were The Sindys quite a lively band with bizarre lyrics ‘Jesus  I sh*gg*d your sister’ being one of the more memorable ones. Then it was  The Astronauts, which also seemed to consist of half The Sindys, which made  for a very packed stage! Their most memorable lyrics were a chorus that went  ‘Donkey riding, donkey riding, donkey riding because there’s nothing  else to do (a gravitational impossibility for an Astronaut I thought). They  finished their set with a very indulgent instrumental but I have to say despite  the energy they put into it, it didn’t come close to the energy TV generates  with every song.

It’s time for TV after a bit of banter about his US trip it’s off  with Atlantic Tunnel and to prove he isn’t a bias man TV follows up with  The Great British Mistake. Then follows Not A Bad Day, For every Hit there’s  a Miss (always reminds me of Klaus), The Future Used to be better, Immortal  Rich, One Million Pounds, Soon Ss I Found It I Lost It, Ticket Out Of Here,  Earthbound, Sugar Crash, The Day We Caught The Big Fish, Only One Flavour, Gary  Gilmours Eyes, Bored Teenagers, Euro Disneyland Tomorrow, Lion and The Lamb  and last but not least Runaway Train Driver and tonight TV dedicated it to the  00.22 from St Albans. 

Author’s apology that the above part of the review looks more like  a set list but once TV started his set as per usual I became totally engrossed  and it didn’t enter my head to write down anything other than the song  titles!!!!  I can assure you there was plenty of TV’s excellent banter, lots of energy,  high kicks, a positive response from the audience and everyone had a most excellent  evening.

 With time running out TV effects the fastest pack up ever and we are off to  the station. We park ourselves on platform 1 when I cleverly observe the train  is coming in on platform 3 so up and over we go we wait a while, when a yell  across from a member of the platform staff (now that’s a novelty) informs  us that the train is in fact coming in on platform 1. So up and over we go again!

Then there it was our train on we got and home to bed.

Pictures by Fleagles