TV Smith's Cheap

TV spend the Year 1985 with Song writing with the Idea of a New Band, that should not costs much, play for a few Bucks and would not eat Money like the Explorers and the Adverts on their final legs did. The fitting Band Name was Cheap. They didnt even planed to record Songs. Because it was expensive and if not a Record Company knock the Door, it would be impossible to pay anyway. Cheap literery played on every toilet of the Country. They even made it to the Netherlands and France for a few Gigs. In 1989 and 1990 TV even made his first Solo Gigs. Seems to be the Band had no time to Play but the Gig was booked.

The founding members where

TV Smith on Vocals

Andy Bennie on Bass

Simon Budd on Drums

Mik Heslin on Guitar