Cast of Thousands

The second Album of the Band, and their last. RCA had no really interest in the Band that there were no real Advertising. So the Album went out of Sight and it sold pretty bad. Also the Band changed their music Style, that also had a big impact. Most People thought they get a "Crossing the Red Sea 2" but got an "Pre-New Wave" Album.

Also the Band was about to split up, Howard Pickup and also Rod Latter had already leaved the Band when the record was out. 

Band on this Record was:

Vocals:  TV Smith

Bass:  Gaye Advert

Guitar: Howard Pickup

Drums: Rod Latter

Piano, Synthesizer:  Tim Cross, Tom Newman

Producer was also  Tom Newman. 

The Album got a few rereleases but way less then the Crossing the Red Sea. But it was released in Spain also. 

In 1998 there was a reissue on CD.

But in 2005 it finaly got its "Ultimate Edition". But not remastered.

In 2010 then there was another "Ultimate Edition" that also got remastered from the original Tapes. Made it Sound way better then the cheap mastering it got first.