Brennende Langeweile

"Burning Boredom", that pretty sums up the Movie, its a Teenager in Love Story, for that the Producers got over "The Adverts" to germany and play some Gigs. Well who could say "no" to good Money. They played 3 Gigs for that Movie who got recorded. Also the Band played themself in this Movie.

Most interesting thing is the Video Footage from the Gigs.

It was aired in the Series "Das kleine Fernsehspiel" in 1979. Later there was a few VHS releases. And it was Broadcasted all few years on different TV Stations. Mostly in the morning, or in the night. 

A DVD release was in 2007, a new one later around 2018.

Track Title Comment
1 Gary Gilmore's Eyes Live in Germany
2 Love Songs Live in Germany
3 Television's Over Live in Germany
4 I Surrender Live in Germany
5 Great British Mistake Live in Germany