2001 - Useless

"Useless - The Very Best of" was released on 9. April 2001. With the "Die Toten Hosen" Fanbase the Album was a huge succes. Way more People got to the Gigs this year, maybe some expected that "Die Toten Hosen" where there too, but that did not happend.

The both Duesseldorf Shows where something like "Record Release Shows", where Kuddel and (first Time) Vom joined TV on some songs.

Tourdates 2001

Date Country City Venue Support Setlist Comment
30.06.2001 Switzerland Luzern Sedel Garden Gang Yes
29.06.2001 Switzerland Bremgarten KuZeBe Garden Gang Yes
28.06.2001 Switzerland Zuerich El Lokal Yes
27.06.2001 Switzerland Winterthur Gaswerk Garden Gang Yes
24.06.2001 Germany Munich Substanz Basic Session X Yes
23.06.2001 Austria St. Poelten Cave Garden Gang Yes
16.06.2001 Germany Berlin Kirche von Unten Yes
15.06.2001 Germany Berlin Kirche von Unten No
14.06.2001 Germany Kiel Räucherei Yes
13.06.2001 Germany Paderborn Hausternbacher Summer Rock Festival Yes
12.06.2001 Germany Hamburg Knust Yes
09.06.2001 Germany Hannover Bei Chez Heinz Yes
08.06.2001 Germany Mölln Dampfross Yes
07.06.2001 Germany Celle CD Kaserne Yes
06.06.2001 Germany Kaldenkrichen BaCa Yes
05.06.2001 Germany Aachen Wild Rover Yes
03.06.2001 Germany Iserlohn Lindenhof Yes
02.05.2001 Germany Duesseldorf Buck Mulligans Yes
01.06.2001 Germany Duesseldorf Buck Mulligans Yes