1989 - The 3rd Term

The 3rd Year of Cheap Touring, if we don't count the first Gig as Tour, slightly more Gigs then the Years before combined. Seems Cheap got an Audience. On the both Dutch Gigs they did a Supportslot for Atilla the Stockbrocker, they also did a Song together "Iron Man of Rap" that got played on some Gigs in the UK too. Also there were at least 2 TV Smith Solo Shows. Its the first Time that TV did that. Just to find out that it worked pretty well.

Tourdates March till September

Date Country City Venue Support Setlist Comment
28.09.1989 UK Hastings Crypt No
11.09.1989 UK London Blue Nose Cafè No
29.07.1989 UK London Battersea Arms No
08.09.1989 UK Hastings Crypt No
01.07.1989 UK Newport TJ's No
27.05.1989 UK Harlow The Square Yes
05.05.1989 UK London Hendon LMS Yes
29.04.1989 Netherlands Zandaam Drieluik No
28.04.1989 Netherlands Tilburg Batcave No
14.04.1989 UK Liverpool Planet X No
06.03.1989 UK London Cricketers No
03.03.1989 UK Reading T.U. Club No