Crossing The Red Sea With The Adverts - CD - 1997 - Essential! Records, Castle Communications

Another CD release, but this time its remastered from the original Masters. So the Quality is way better then the releases before. 

It also have the planed Songorder, before Songs got dropped or moved. So finaly the B-Sides New Day Dawning from the No Time to be 21 Single, and the Gary Gilmore's Eyes Version for the (never happend) US Release. 

The Hidden tracks are alternate Versions that were on A or B Sides of the Singles., but as Hiddentracks before the first Track One Chord Wonders. You have wo rewind before the first Tracks on your CD-Player (rewind to 9:48), but not even all support this. Also it includes Liner Notes from Dave Thompson and TV Smith.

And yes, Quickstep is missing here. 

Track Title Comment
Hidden 1 Gary Gilmore's Eyes Producer Larry Wallis
Hidden 2 Bored Teenagers Producer Larry Wallis
Hidden 3 Safety in Numbers Producer Barry Miles
Hidden 4 We Who Wait Producer Barry Miles
1 One Chord wonders
2 Bored Teenagers
3 New Church
4 On the Roof
5 Newboys New Version of Sleaze "Listen don't think"
6 Gary Gilmore's Eyes
7 Bombsite Boy
8 No Time to be 21
9 Safety in Numbers
10 Drowning Men
11 New Day Dawning
12 On Wheels
13 Great British Mistake