1977 - Gary Gilmore's Eyes

"The Hit Record" of the Band, with Punk on the Peak of popularity they made a Top20 Chart entry (#19 as highest position) with this Single. Also got invited to TV Shows. Also in Germany this Song got popular with a german release of the Single.

Anchor Records did several represses of the Single because it sold better then they tought. So we get the same whole bunch of different type of Vinyl and some misprints of Covers here too. 

There is also a pressing for Jukebox use. Bored Teenagers is a different Version as the one on the Album. Gary Gilmore's Eyes was not included into the original "Crossing the Red Sea". Later releases of the Album got a different Version of Gary for the Album.

Recorded at Pebble Beach Studios, Worthing

The Adverts here was

Vocals: TV Smith

Bass: Gaye Advert

Guitar: Howard Pickup

Drums: Laurie Driver

Producer: Larry Wallis