10.06.1999 - Aachen, AZ


Titel With Comment
Statute of Liberty Sequencer
Only one Flavor
No Time to be 21
New Church
Lord's Prayer
Immortal Rich
This Year, next Year...
Have and Have-nots
Thin green Line
Lion and the Lamb Sequencer
Expensive beeing Poor Sequencer
Generation Y
Bored Teenagers
I know what you want
The Future used to be better
Tomahawk Cruise Sequencer
Happy Homeland Sequencer
Luxury in Exilie Sequencer
Runaway Train Driver Sequencer
Gary Gilmore's Eyes Garden Gang
One Chord Wonders Garden Gang
Eurodisneyland von Morgen Garden Gang Encore
Can't Pay, won't Pay 2nd Encore
Atlantic Tunnes 3rd Encore