08.11.2002 - Leven, Fun Pub


Titel With Comment
Not a bad Day
No Time to be 21
The Future used to be better
What If?
Immortal Rich
This Year, next Year...
One Million Pounds
Swimming in the Flood
Television's Over
Great British Mistake
Soon as i found it i lost it
Looking down on London
Luxury in Exile Sequencer
Your Ticket out of here Sequencer
Earthbound Sequencer
Sugar Crash Sequencer
Tomahawk Cruise Sequencer
The Day we caught the big Fish Sequencer
I know what you want
Only one Flavor
Gary Gilmore's Eyes
Bored Teenagers
Generation Y
Lion and the Lamb Sequencer
Expensive beeing poor Sequencer
The World just got smaller again Sequencer
Statute of Liberty Sequencer

Review by Jock (with TJ)

The Fleagle's Have Landed  

My first memories of the gig are meeting the Fleagle's at the station.  I brought them home for a hot cup of coffee. They were a brilliant couple  who had flown all the way from South of London, it was great to meet them both  as we had been m8's through TV Smiths website for so long. I took them down  to the Calais Hotel to drop off theirs bag, An hour or so later the phone rings,  it's TV calling asking how to get to my place from the tyre services on  the prom, it was weird knowing TV would be coming to our house within minutes IF  our directions are OK! When Tj and TV arrived it was GREAT! "TV's  here!" I shouted to Carol, then it was off out to meet TV and  TJ (the original TUT and poster extraordinaire). It was a pleasure to meet  Tj & TV at the same time as they got out the car. TV was COLD and TJ  was tired, but I knew from then on that it was going to be a great night.

I was worried in case TV was a very concerned about the gig. The fact  that it was changed from the Calais to the Blazers Fun Pub was enough to put  some people of making the trip to Leven. I knew this was NOT good, but as old  Leo once said 'the show must go on.'

TV had a bath to chill and get warm!!!! TJ told me that he had been discussing  the possibility of TV finally recording the 80's Demo's with TV on the journey  from the Apocalypse in Edinburgh. TV was apparently interested in working on  some of the demos at some time in the future. Tj said that he and TV had also  talked about marketing and TV was interested in the packaging and marketing  that Mike Peter's was using for his latest series of CD's called In The Poppy  Fields, which Tj had copies of in his car.

TJ went to the Calais where he met the Fleagle's and exchanged some Damned  gifts. Tj says he received the perfect life when he bumped into his old m8's!  Back at My Place we shared a bottle of wine and chatted with one of my heroes  in OUR Living room... WOW! TV Smith is sitting on our settee having a glass  of red wine! He had enjoyed his bath and was re-stringing his guitar before  the walk to the Fun Pub.

My nerves are shot to bits by this time. I'm worried 'cos its the Fun pub and  not the Calais Hotel. I later find out that my fears were right, as the Calais  decided NOT to let people know the gig was moved to the Fun Pub. This included  a photographer that I'd booked to take some PRO pics of T V! Grrrrr! Our posters,  that we had put so much work into, that let people know the gig had changed,  were pulled down by kid's (so were told) BUT the WILL go on!

We met up again with Tj and The Fleagle's and introduced them to some of our  m8's.

TV hit the stage and announced "I knew this was going to be an interesting  gig when a bloke I had never met before stuck his tongue in my ear as soon as  I walked in. One down only seven million to go! 

Not A Bad Day

I noticed Tj writing his review as soon as TV hits the first note.

Has anyone a birthday tonight? Two shout out "YES!"

No Time To be 21

Tears of joy all round! 

The Future Used To Be Better

As TV started his barrage of songs it seemed that everyone in the pub knew  me! I got handed beer after beer. TV is singing his songs in LEVEN!! Here's  a guy I've admired since 1977! A guy I'd never seen live 'till 1996! And he's  right here in my hometown!!

What IF?

As TV ripped into his set, it was great to look over at our new friends from  England enjoying the gig the Fleagle's and Tj all here to see there favourite  artist live - all those miles that's dedication!

"Another ambition fulfilled - to play in a fun pub!!" quipped TV.

The Immortal Rich 

"You can have so much money that you will live forever - it is only logical,"  explained TV. 

This Year Next Year 

I hear Tj shout to Fleagle "What If and This Year are great live songs,"  Fleagle nodded his head positively in agreement. 

"The Fun Pub" exclaimed TV as he raised his glass, "Aptly named.  I'm having the time of my life. I've never been so warmly welcomed." 

One Million Pounds 

"Can someone turn that TV off?" pleaded TV. "Get rid of TV!"  joked Tj. 

Swimming In The Flood 

GAWD Yes! A round of applause as the TV goes off. 

Television's Over 

"Great British Mistake" shouts a fan. "I've already played GB  Mistake in a punk horror shop in Edinburgh a few hours ago." TV. Oh well! 

Great British Mistake 

"The most difficult Adverts song to play on acoustic guitar ever! It's  the first time I've played it twice in a day since 1977!" TV. 

"They try to oppose their Values on you..." introduces TV.

Soon As I Found It I Lost It 

"Leevern? Leaven? Levern? Leven? - You don't even know how to pronounce  your own town. I come from LONDON! Seeing as though this is my farthest gig  North for ages, why don't I do a song slagging off London?" TV. 

Looking Down On London

"This is about crooks who disappear into a foreign country and live in  luxury." TV. "I bet it's for you CHEAP JOCK," jokes Tj in my  ear. 

Luxury In Exile

"The best place to escape to is where you already are!" TV. 

Your Ticket Out Of Here 

"This is a new song about how you are affected by trivia so much lately  and you don't need to be," TV. 


"When everything gets too sweet I get suspicious!" TV 

Sugar Crash 

"How are the cheapskates at the back?" TV 

Tomahawk Cruise 

"Brilliant!" I shout out. "All thanks to you Jock," replies  TV. "You can't stop having fun in the fun pub now! Or can you.."

The Day We Caught The Big Fish

"How can the Police in Leven resist this magnificent grin? C'mon!"  TV.

We Know What You Want

The front of the gig is really buzzing now!

Only One Flavour

"I'm really hearing every single separate note of the Guvner," I  tell Tj.

A full moon rises at TV (_!_). "There's nothing like an arse to start  a poem with!!" TV

Punk Rock Poem ->Gary Gilmore's Eyes    "Is that THE (_!_) END?" TV...    NO!    Bored Teenagers    I sink beer after beer in a nervous rush, although I want to stay kind  of sober so I can remember the gig. BUT its apparent that tonight I'm getting  out of it!    Generation Y

TV rips through his set, singing classic after classic. But, I get a little  upset at the amount of people who are chatting in the background, this annoys  me and I just want to tell 'em all to shut the fuck up!! Grr, TV Smith  is playing his set, and some people are NOT listening, obviously some people  are not there for the gig.    Lion And The Lamb     I'm still upset at the amount of people who are chatting, and I feel  bad when some folks try to chat to me while TV is playing, its apparent too  that I'm NOT going to get any peace, as I'm hassled by people, some who thank  me for managing to get TV to play, and some who want to buy me a beer, it can't  be bad really!! BUT I want to listen to TV.     It's Expensive Being Poor

 TV Plays well into his two hour set, and Tj is still writing in his book.  The Fleagle's appear happy too, they are right into TV's set, they sink  a few beers and then a few more for luck! Fife, Yorkshire and Surrey the TV  United Tour Supporters together...

 The World Just Got Smaller Again

 It's 10:50 pm and the Leven Police are stood with arms crossed at the back of  the gig. TV talks about freedom and liberty and refers to the Police forcing  all local gigs to finish early. A major front-page issue in Leven. 

 The Statute Of Liberty

 There's just five minutes to go and TV still hasn't played Runaway Train Driver.  Fleagle bellows "More!" But it's too late 11:00 pm is fast approaching  and it's time to make like Cinderella. The Police move in to clear the crowd.  The management usher Tj out of the gig, he manages to fit in a quick apology  that due to an early start tomorrow morning he can't come round for pizza and  beers at My Place. 

After the gig we go home for Carol's home made pizza. TV seam's to enjoy it  a lot, and gives Carol a load of compliments. Bedtime is roughly 3.30am. A great  night is almost over. 

Tj came up from Yorkshire for the gig. Alex came from Glasgow. He's another  major TV fan who got a £60 taxi ride from his lodgings to the gig! He  eventually got a taxi and train home at 5.30am from our house. Then there's  the Fleagle's who flew all the way from Surrey - that's South of London!! That's  dedication folks! 

Overall the gig was a success. Although if TV ever came back to Leven I think  a better venue would be more suited. 

On the way to Newcastle next day TV said that he found that free gigs  usually end up that way, with 'Talkers' all over the place, mainly 'cos there  not interested in the music. I've learned a lesson and would never organise  a free gig like that again for anyone. 

My feelings on the gig you ask? Over all a success!! I really enjoyed  TV's two-hour set, and I loved having my hero of the music business  in our hometown, and our very own home. As a bonus I've met three TUTS I'd never  met before, so that cant be bad either. 


A TUTS Production (Written by Jock with additional material by Tj)

Pictures by Fleagles

Pictures by Jock