1995 - Immortal Rich

Most Gigs happend in the UK, once again there was a Support Slot for Tom Robinson. Also there is one known France gig.

With an Album just released TV played already some new Songs that would be on the next Album. This is the year were TV's little Computerband aka. the Sequencer had his first Stage Time.

Tourdates 1995

Date Country City Venue Support Setlist Comment
17.10.1995 UK Northhallerton Taner Hop No
16.10.1995 UK Sunderland The Ropery No
02.07.1995 France Montpellier Le Rockstore Yes
21.05.1995 UK London Jackson Lane Centre for Tom Robinson Yes
24.04.1995 UK Sunderland The Ropery No
15.02.1995 UK Edinburgh The Venue No