1978 -  On the Way to the Cast of Thousands

The Band got an international Record Deal on RCA, first release was the "Television's Over" Single, who never hit the Charts. It was clear that difficult Times for the Adverts was comming. They spend the time with recording and playing some Gigs.

Tourdates 1978 September till December

Date Country City Venue Support Setlist Comment
22.12.1978 UK Lincoln Technical College No
21.12.1978 UK Redcar Coatham Bowl No
16.12.1978 UK Northhampton Cricked Ground No
14.12.1978 UK London Music Machine No
11.12.1978 UK Weymouth Paviliion No
10.12.1978 UK Bristol Locamo No
09.12.1978 UK Sheffield Limit Club No
08.12.1978 UK Sheffield University No
07.12.1978 UK Manchester Russel Club No
30.11.1978 UK London Middlesex Poly No
27.10.1978 UK Birminham Aston Univerity No
26.10.1978 UK London Music Machine Yes TV played Songs together with the Doctors of Madness
21.10.1978 UK London Thames Polytechnic No
20.10.1978 UK London Brunel University No
14.10.1978 UK Edinburgh Heriot-Watt University No
13.10.1978 UK Birmingham Polytechnic No
11.10.1978 UK Plymouth Polytechnic No
10.10.1978 UK Bath University No
09.10.1978 UK Doncaster Outlook No
08.10.1978 UK Loughborough Town Hall No
01.10.1978 Germany Hamburg Markthalle Yes Exact Date is Unknown
28.09.1978 UK Middlesbrough Rock Garden No