On 2. May of 1983 the Single "War Fever" was released. Well and there was Election-time. No one had interest in a War critic Single from a fomer Punk Musican. So sellings was, lets say "not good". 4. June 1983 was the release Date of the Channel 5, it was doomed. The Record Comapany "Explusion" was short on Money, there was no Advertising for the Album. The Quality of the Vinyls were terrible, and no one bought it. 

But TV and some Friends who helped to record the Channel 5 wanted to play Live. So there were 3 Gigs this Year as "TV Smith's The Party Line"

Lineup was:

TV Smith:  Vocals, Guitar

Tim Cross:  Keyboards

Tim Renwick. Guitar

Martin Noakes: Keyboards