The Adverts Anthology - 2xCD - 2003 - The Devils own Jukebox

There was only one Issue of it, that got quite rare. 

Later on they went to remaster both Albums, that still made this Release interesting because it also had the "(Not) Live at the Roxy" as remaster. 

Track Title Comment
1-1 One Chord Wonders
1-2 Quickstep
1-3 Gary Gilmore's Eyes
1-4 Bored Teenagers
1-5 Safety in Numbers
1-6 We who wait
1-7 No Time to be 21
1-8 New Day Dawning
1-9 Drowning Men
1-10 On the Roof
1-11 Newboys
1-12 On Wheels
1-13 Bombsite Boy
1-14 New Church
1-15 Great British Mistake
1-16 Fate of Criminals
1-17 Love Songs
1-18 Television's Over
1-19 Back from the Dead
1-20 My Place
1-21 Cast of Thousands
1-22 Male Assault
1-23 I Surrender
1-24 I Looked at the Sun
1-25 The Adverts
1-26 I will walk you home
2-1 Safety in Numbers (Not) Live at the Roxy
2-2 Newboys (Not) Live at the Roxy
2-3 One Chord Wonders (Not) Live at the Roxy
2-4 On the Roof (Not) Live at the Roxy
2-5 New Day Dawning (Not) Live at the Roxy
2-6 Great British Mistake (Not) Live at the Roxy
2-7 Bombsite Boy (Not) Live at the Roxy
2-8 No Time to be 21 (Not) Live at the Roxy
2-9 Quickstep (Not) Live at the Roxy
2-10 New Church (Not) Live at the Roxy
2-11 Bored Teenagers (Not) Live at the Roxy
2-12 Gary Gilmore's Eyes (Not) Live at the Roxy