1991 ... everything must go

As TV startet to enjoy playing Solo, the end of Cheap was in sight. The Record company still didn't got out the Album. There was a PromoTape in 1991, but it seems they had no interest anymore. So TV decided to split up Cheap, after a few already booked Gigs in April. The Last gig happend on May the 4th. 

Cheap was TVs last try to get succesfull with a Band, in the Future he gonna play Solo. Record Albums with friends, sometimes doing a little Tour with a Group of Friends, but thats all. 

Tourdates 1991

Date Country City Venue Support Setlist Comment
04.05.1991 UK Stoke Newington Samuel Becket Yes TV Smith's Cheap Last Gig
27.04.1991 UK Bideford Polyfield Centre No
26.04.1991 UK London Fulham Kings Head No
25.04.1991 UK Leeds Scumpies No
21.04.1991 UK London Cricketers No
20.04.1991 UK Hull New Adelphi No
16.04.1991 UK Uxbridge Load of Hay No
07.04.1991 UK Leeds Duchees of York No