1990 - 100 Blows

The Album still was not out, but there was a Tour to promote it planed, so Cheap got on a bigger UK Tour.  The Gig 7.12.1990 in Fulham Greyhound is the 100th Cheap Date here.

Tourdates October till December

Date Country City Venue Support Setlist Comment
22.12.1990 UK Uxbridge Football Club No
10.12.1990 UK Harlow The Square No
09.12.1990 UK Windsor Arts Centre No
07.12.1990 UK London Fulham Greyhound No
06.12.1990 UK Leicester Princess Charlotte No
30.11.1990 UK London Brixton Old Queens Head No
25.11.1990 UK Dudleys J.B. No
18.11.1990 UK Hastings Crypt No
17.11.1990 UK London Clapham Old Town Arms No
04.11.1990 UK London Brixton Canterburry Arms No
03.11.1990 UK London Bull & Gate No
01.11.1990 UK Ashton-under-Lyne Witchhood Yes
31.10.1990 UK Stoke-on-Trent The Wheatsheaf Yes
30.10.1990 UK Bolton Oscars No
29.10.1990 UK Huddersfield Polytechnic No
28.10.1990 UK Manchester Swinning Sporran No
22.10.1990 UK Huddersfield Polytechnic No
21.10.1990 UK Leeds Duchess of York No
19.10.1990 UK Swindon Brunel Rooms No
15.10.1990 UK Swansea University No
14.10.1990 UK Cardiff Meltdown No
13.10.1990 UK London Islington Lady Owen Arms No
08.10.1990 UK Newport T.J.s No
05.10.1990 UK London Samuel Beckett Stoke Newington No