After the German tour, it was time to go back to the UK for a Tour also, but before Finland was on the travel shedule again, also 2 Gigs in Germany. There was also a Gig in a primary School in front of young Children in Preston. 

Tourdates 1999

Date Country City Venue Support Setlist Comment
18.12.1999 UK Birkenhead Royal Castle Yes
13.12.1999 UK London World's End No
11.12.1999 Germany Berlin Kirche von Unten No
05.12.1999 UK Sunderland Borough No
03.12.1999 UK Seaham No
02.12.1999 UK Northallerton No
27.11.1999 UK Southwick Barn Theatre No
26.11.1999 UK Ipswich Steamboat No
25.11.1999 UK London Upstrais at the Garage No
20.11.1999 UK Northwich No
19.11.1999 UK Coventry No
19.11.1999 UK Preston Primary School Yes
18.11.1999 UK Manchester No
06.11.1999 Germany Berlin Kirche von Unten Yes
23.10.1999 UK Hull Adelphi No
09.10.1999 UK Oulton Broad On a Boat - Wimblestock No
18.09.1999 UK Westcliff-On-Sea Club Riga No
01.09.1999 UK London Borderline No
02.08.1999 Finland Rovaniemi Tivoli No
01.08.1999 Finland Rovaniemi Tivoli No