Punk in London

This Documentation is done by a German TV Station and was broadcasted around 1983. They also decided to sell it as VHS in 1984. After that year it got several rereleases in France, US, UK, Australia, Greeche, Italy, Japan, Scandinavia. Literary everywhere. Evertyime with different Covers and Artwork.

in 2001 a DVD was releases, in 2009 it was remastered.

The Adverts was to see with "One Chord Wonders" from the London Marquee, but unfortunatly dubbed with a Studio Version. But Gary Gilmore's Eyes is a real Live version. Other Bands are X-Ray Spex, The Lurkers, The Jolt, The Clash and more.

Track Title Comment
1 Gary Gilmore's Eyes Live from the Marquee 2.9.1977
2 One Chord Wonders Live from the Marquee 2.9.1977, Audio is Studio