1999 - Ozit Records - CD

The one and only CD Release. They also include Songs from other Recording Session that was made for or after release. Like the Production House Songs, or alternate Versions of some Songs. Also the B-Side from the Lies Single is here and one New Song, that was planed for the 2nd Single from Channel 5, but never got released. New Ways are best was played by Cheap from 1986 on, but originaly written for Channel 5

Track Title Comment
1 A Token of my Love
2 On your Video
3 Dominator
4 London Beach
5 War Fever
6 Burning Rain Music by Tim Cross
7 Fire in the Darkness
8 Cracking Up
9 Your haunted Heart
10 The Suit
11 The beautiful Bomb
12 Coming Round Production House Single
13 Woodpecker Production House Single
14 Lies War Fever B-Side
15 Treasure
16 New Ways are Best
17 On your Video Remix
18 The Suit Remix