Crossing The Red Sea With The Adverts - 12" - 1981 - Bright Records, Butt Records

The first reissue of the Record. Now it includes the Hit "Gary Gilmore's Eyes" they just placed it behind the last Track "Great British Mistake". This destroyed that "Great British Mistake" was designed to conclude the Album and no one was Lucky with that. 

It had a Sticker on the Label that said "Includes Gary Gilmore's Eyes hit single"

There was a Red Translucent Version too, unknown how much of that exist.

The Release was in October 1981

Track Title Comment
A1 One Chord wonders
A2 Bored Teenagers
A3 New Church
A4 On the Roof
A5 Newboys New Version of Sleaze "Listen don't think"
A6 Bombsite Boy
B1 No Time to be 21
B2 Safety in Numbers
B3 Drowning Men
B4 On Wheels
B5 Great British Mistake
B6 Gary Gilmore's Eyes Producer: Larry Walls